Art Ties Us

Art Ties Us is a passion project fueled by the desire to recognize and
celebrate the artistic and economic contributions local artists have made throughout the City of St. Petersburg.

Art Ties Us is a tribute to how the arts have tied our community together and
a way to connect the artists to supporting restaurants, sponsors, and art enthusiasts throughout our thriving art community.

Art Ties Us is a two part event consisting of an art contest and a gala that benefits The Public Art Project.

ABOUT THE PUBLIC ART PROJECT: The Public Art Project is a 501(c)3
not-for-profit organization that facilitates public art through a variety of
methods by working directly with artists, business owners, organizations and
local governments.  Their mission is to create and facilitate visual stimulation
in the community while teaching and educating the public about the
importance and economic impact of the arts.  Please visit for more information.