2019 Artists

"As a result of becoming profoundly deaf at the age of two, my visual sense has heightened far beyond that of the many artists."

Rick Hurst

"A graduate of the Tampa Tech School of Art and Design, Michael began his professional career as an airbrush artist at Tampa’s Busch Gardens."

Michael O'Connell

"Latin American/Caribbean artist John Gascot spent the first twelve years of his life in Puerto Rico, a fact to which he attributes his love of bold color."

John Gascot

"I strive to initiate a conversation about perception and identification by creating self-reflective works through traditional compositions."

Mei Mei

"I use the societal pressures placed upon you, the childhood I’ve had, the life I’m living, and all my successes and failures, into a reimagined form that can speak to others."

Helena Govender

Jesecca Keyes

"Painting is what I use to express my feelings with colors ranging from pale pink to deep black."

"I've always been interested in art but hadn't found my medium until I started working for a local paint and sip shop."

Vanessa LeVesque

"I'm a former art instructor with the Pasco Fine Arts Council, New Port Richey, FL."

Leonard Lewis

"Seven years ago, after my husband died, I turned to art for solace. I found that it helped me to maintain my sanity and process deep grief."

Maryellen Mariani

"Her work represents a visual collection of thoughts, ideas, and inspiration from personal reflections formed from memories, influences and travel experiences."

Janice Saavedra

"In my work, first I draw freely and loosely the subject of my paintings. After that, I let my feelings guide me while I put color inside the lines, one after the other without any real commitment with reality."

Patricia Kluwe Derderian

"I have spent time in early Florida learning how to make fruit crate labels and illustrated postcards and those short but enjoyable time travel journeys are responsible for some of my latest art."

Sylvan Hart

"I create my art using a novel medium, books! In an age of tablets and smartphones, more and more books are taken to landfills."

Lauren Dykes

"I love painting with oil and gouache especially, and I’ve recently begun to specialize in portraits because I’m fascinated by people."

"Her inspiration and creativity comes from nature. She particularly enjoys making abstract landscapes and seascapes."

Harriet Godbole

"Outspoken Rhino is currently working on a new series pairing invasive and non-native animals to Florida with the sweetness of desserts for an intriguing look at how we see animals we treat as a nuisance."

Outspoken Rhino

"Art became my therapy to process challenging life events, tragedies, and pain. Besides my therapy, Art became my hobby and my passion."

Antoinette Alcazar

"Color with passion is how I paint."


"It is through abstract and representational styles I integrate a fusion of my content and structure seemingly without technique."

David Mendoza

"In Charleston I was both a Mechanical Engineer and a vendor at the Historic Charleston Night Market."

Ava's Daughter

"Using illustrative technique, I primarily focus on the beauty of everyday moments."

Elle Tinnirella

"I now have a business dedicated to crystal work and I create Crystal Grids in many forms."

Sharon Donahue

"I started painting about 15 years ago as a creative release, then as gifts, and now excited to say that I'm selling my artwork."

Alyse Benjamin

"Her work is approached by a creative execution driven by process and spontaneity; focused on form, color, and energy."

Ari Robinson

"I am inspired by our amazing local art and music scene and international scenes like Paris, London, NYC, and Costa Mesa."

J. Montrice

"My preferred style is a mix mash of multiple styles that I mold to my own preferences. I don't live by rules when it comes to art."

Bonnie Birchfield

Kurt Wolhuter

"I have had no training, just my own knowledge and following the guidance from above."

"I am a self-taught artist who discovered painting on silk while traveling in Estonia."

Jill Kalber

"I view my camera as a tool in the same way I would a pencil or brush, and it aides me to communicate the way I see how things occupy a space."

Patricia Mastry

"My work is based on diversity, power, and change, and is part of many personal and Corporate collections nationwide."

Laura James

"My inspiration embodies a heightened urgency: to capture the emotion in the exquisite beauty found in moments before they vanish."

Diane V. Radel

"I paint from emotion, many of my works come from things that are happening in my life at the time."

Debbie Bright

"Art has always been a passion of mine and I am ready to share it with the world."

Avis Marie

Sabina Cantemir

"My mom used to draw me Pokèmon all the time and would continually push me into drawing, which is probably the reason I kept with art for so many years."

Matthew Watson

"I am a happy, fun, carefree free spirit whose passion has always been art in all its forms."

Desiree Alves

"I am inspired by the world around me, and I find I am looking at everyday things differently now. Everything is an opportunity to paint!"

Caryn Webb-Reihing

"Lucius sees his work as a “visual feast”, a vehicle to allow viewers to explore and indulge in their own existential apprehensions."


"The large scaled canvases illustrate Blickensderfer’s ongoing interest in painting and mark-making while extending her personal lexicon to a wide range of references, including Egyptian art, Arabic symbolism and European modernist painting."

Dana Blickenderfer

"I am a full-time artist in St Petersburg FL. I’m known for my vibrant colors and mixed media painting."

"I paint as often as I can mostly giving my paintings away as gifts and volunteer projects. I have painted on a lot of unusual canvases; most recently a dumpster."

Diedra Navarro

"I do oil paintings and paint mostly the form of women and finding the light the shines within."

Rachel Travillian

"Over the last few years, I have a renewed interest in pursuing my personal art style using mixed media, photography, and painting."

Leslie Simons

"This will be my first entrance in any type of exhibit. I paint with both oils and acrylics whenever I can make time."

Jay Heidel

"I do a lot of commission work in all mediums and have sold work to people all over the world. Any original photograph can be made into your masterpiece!"

Linda Griffin

"When I can bring someone’s dream to life, the image in their mind that they haven’t been able to fully visualize, that is what inspires me to be an artist."

Diana Aitken

"St. Pete is a cool city, and I love being part of the art community as much as possible."


"It's been a long time coming, but I believe our talents, gifts and abilities are revealed to us at different times in our lives – when we need it most and often through the unexpected – never late and always on time."

Michelle Dubois

“I always start a painting with the eyes. Once they’re sunken into the canvas, you immediately begin to see and understand that person for who they are."

Carrie Kilgore

"Primarily a professional body painter (Skin Wars Season 1 on Netflix), I like to branch out on the non-human canvas from time to time."

Nicole Hays

"I have been relying on my children to provide the theme and nature of my paintings, as I re-create their stories and dreams and bring them to life."

Aliyah McGowen

"Stig was fortunate to have this mentor throughout High School where he was exposed to various mediums from jewelry to clay, oils, acrylics, enamel, chalk, pastels and water colors."


"Hannan earned a bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design from Rochester Institute of Technology in Rochester, NY in 2008 and is currently the Communications Coordinator of Florida Deaf Art Show."

Ashley Hannan

"Stark sees herself as a Neo-expressionist with the weaving and wrapping process she uses transferring her own energy into the piece."


"I believe a parallel reality exists besides our own. In my work, I call it the 5th dimension."

Nick Dahill

"I have sold and donated many paintings across the country as well as painted live at music festivals including Joshua Tree Music Festival, Big Surreal, and Arise Music Festival. across the country, and will continue to do so forever and always."

Emily Tayman

"My art is Feng Shui inspired, each of the pieces is to demonstrate how a piece of art can change the feel and energy of the room."


"My primary creative outlet has always been making cards for my loved ones, which segued into creating small scale paper collage."

Rosemary Walsh

"He creates large scale beautification projects with an alliance of artists and community leaders through Public Art Project Inc., a non-profit organization that creates, facilitates and educates the public on the social and economic impact of the arts."

Derek Donnelly

"I specialize in painting large, life-size animals or portraits, by commission, and last year I was asked by Busch Gardens of Tampa to do a series of 5 outdoor murals for the park."

Karen Porter